Islamic Education

The students will learn Qur’an, Arabic, and Islamic studies.  Understanding the Qur’an will be the catalyst and the reason for learning Arabic.

Manitoba Curriculum

The students of Sofiya School follow the Manitoba curriculum and will be prepared to pass all Manitoba requirements for graduation. The compulsory subject areas from Grade 1 to Grade 8 are: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, arts education, physical/health education.

Trilingual learning

Among the objectives of the school is to have all graduates fluent in at least three languages: English, Arabic, and French.  Knowledge of the Qur’an as well as being able to speak in both of Canada’s official languages will help them become good citizens of Canada.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking, problem solving, as well as strong and valid reasoning, are central components of our students’ education and are integrated into every subject area.


The school uses an educational approach characterized by an emphasis on

freedom within limits,
and respect for a child’s natural development.

Some of the common practices in the school include:

  • multi-age classrooms
  • uninterrupted blocks of work time
  •  exploration
  • projects initiated by students
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • a balance between freedom of movement within the classroom and structured learning

Sofiya School National Anthem